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What about the one you forgot to put on your calendar?


26% of all malpractice claims relate to the failure of properly calendared cases


80% of all malpractice claims are brought against firms of
1 to 5 lawyers


$10,000 is the average malpractice insurance deductible per claim


1 missed hearing causes stress and could result in a malpractice claim

Create detailed calendar entries for hearings in just one click.

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    Simply fill in your name and e-mail, then select your courts on http://app.modern.law

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    Modern Law automatically adds hearings to your calendar with a detailed notification summary containing key information about your case.

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    No more incomplete or forgotten calendar entries—just click and Modern Law does the searching and calendaring for you.

Now you can be confident that your hearings are calendared in your smartphone, tablet, or laptop where you can quickly and reliably find them. You’ll never be caught off-guard when clients call about an upcoming hearing because you will already have it in your calendar along with a detailed email notification.

Stay on top of your hearings and your practice.

Get everything you need to know about your hearing dates, times, and locations. Get an advantage with additional information such as case histories, presiding judges, and counsel of record and party names.

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Works The Way You Work

Works for practices with
one or many attorneys

Works on computers,
smartphones & tablets

Works with the email
you already use

Works anywhere
you are

Works for paralegals
& support staff

Works automatically,
set up instantly

Here’s What’s Included

Reminder alerts: Your calendar will send you an alert 1, 4 or 24 hours in advance. Customize this as much or as little as you like.

Intel and contact information (if available): Call or email opposing counsel if you’re running late. Each alert will include co-counsel and opposing counsel’s:


Case History (when available): Forget carrying around docket reports in folders. Everything is already at your fingertips.

Automatically forwarded to your co-counsel, paralegal, or legal assistant. Court notifications are sent only to the attorney of record. It would be nice if the rest of the team was kept in the loop too.


It’s more than just a calendar notification

It minimizes risk

  • No Missed Cases – Avoid malpractice. No more fear of missing a court notice in the mail or leaving it off your calendar.
  • Automatic Reminders – We send you a reminder 24, 4 and 1 hour before your hearing. You can also add custom alerts.
  • Accuracy – No more transcription errors with the wrong date or information. County Clerks provide the data directly.
  • No Clicks Needed – You don’t even have to open your email. All hearings are automatically added to your calendar.
  • Automatic Case Change Updates – If the court date, time or room changes, your calendar is automatically updated.

It’s convenient

  • Completely Automated – There’s no software to install or program to learn. It already works with your calendar.
  • Entire Team Gets Updates – Courts only send a notice to the attorney on record. We can notify paralegals, assistants, etc.
  • Cloud Based – Because our system operates 24/7, your data is accessible anywhere, anytime.
  • Key Case Information Included – Each calendar alert include key information about co-counsel and opposing counsel.
  • Includes Case History – Alerts include the entire up-to-date docket report for each case.

It instantly adds value

  • Save Time – Reduce staff time searching or entering data from the mail or clerk websites. Focus on what you do best.
  • Save Money – Paralegals and legal assistants are valuable resources. Let them do what they do best.
  • Save Face – Avoid malpractice and protect your relationships with judges and clients.
  • Easy Sign Up – All that’s needed to get started is your name and email address. We do the rest.
  • Forward Notifications to Others – You can easily forward notices to clients to keep them apprised of their case.

Interesting, right? Is there a way to see how it works?

There are two ways to see Modern Law in action. For a demonstration, take a tour or watch this short video. Like what you see? Begin your free trial today and start receiving your notifications instantly!

About Us

What our partners have to say…

“Since we started using Modern Law, we have been able to dramatically reduce the time it takes my staff to manage our calendars. Thanks for creating such a convenient product.”

Bryan Busch

“We partnered with Modern Law early-on because they share our vision for providing a simpler and more efficient way for anyone to assure they don’t miss court hearings.”

Rebecca Keaton
Cobb County Clerk of
Superior Court

“Modern Law works. It’s simple to set up and even simpler to use. In just a couple of steps I instantly started receiving notifications for all my hearings. Now I never have to worry about being late or missing court.”

David Carter




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Q: Is there a limit on how many licenses I can purchase?
No limit! Purchase as many licenses as you desire.

Q: Is there a limit on how many notifications I can receive per month?
Each license comes with an unlimited amount of notifications for the county you choose!

Q: How many attorneys can I assign to each license?
Each license allows you to receive notifications for ONE attorney and from ONE county.

Q: Can I customize my reminders?
You can customize your reminders to notify you up to 24 hours in advance of your court date and time.

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